Port Authority passenger limits on buses & light rail vehicles begin Monday, April 13, to ensure riders can spread out and practice proper social distancing

Beginning Monday, April 13, 2020, Port Authority will be limiting how many people are permitted on buses and light rail vehicles. To make sure riders have enough space to spread out and to prevent overcrowding, effective at the start of service:

  • No more than 10 riders will be permitted on a 35-foot bus at one time
  • No more than 15 riders will be permitted on a 40-foot bus at one time
  • No more than 25 riders will be permitted on a 60-foot articulated bus at one time
  • No more than 25 riders will be permitted on a light rail vehicle at one time

If a vehicle reaches the maximum number of riders, drivers have been instructed to not pick up new passengers until others exit. If standby vehicles are available, they will be sent to pick up riders who have been passed up.

"First and foremost, we're asking riders who don't have to be on our vehicles to stay home," said Port Authority CEO Katharine Kelleman. "There are a lot of essential workers keeping our region going right now and it's important that they have a seat. Please stay off transit unless you’re heading to or from an essential job, or you’re traveling to the grocery store or pharmacy."

Port Authority is also strongly encouraging those who continue to use public transit to wear masks.

The Pennsylvania Health Department has resources available on its website on how to make a homemade mask.

"We know that all of these recent changes haven’t been easy or convenient — we’ve been asking a lot from our riders," Kelleman said. "But these restrictions will help our community get through this so we can get back to serving you normally as soon as possible."


Source: Port Authority of Allegheny County

Image Credit: Jeff Miskis, Facture