Listed below are several projects we have been a partner in completing along with the cooperation of regional and statewide planning commissions, local organizations and the Oakland community:

Bates Street/Second Avenue Improvement Project (Eliza Furnace Trail)

Slated for completion in early 2011, The Bates Street / Second Avenue improvement project involves replacing and raising the Eliza Furnace Trail Bridge, enhancing Eliza Trail roadway reconstruction, new signage, and altering traffic patterns to a smoother flow of traffic.


Bike Rack Replacement

The University of Pittsburgh has maintained bicycle parking facilities (racks and lockers) for thirteen years with funding procured by OTMA. Together, OTMA and Pitt were successful in receiving joint Federal funding in December to replace 100 of the original bike racks and lockers. As bicycle parking has become a greater demand in recent years, this money will be used to provide stable racks and secure lockers for bicycle commuters.


Hometown Streets: Forbes/Fifth Avenue Pedestrian Safety and Mobility Improvements

After four years of planning, design, and engineering, construction began on the Forbes/Fifth Avenue Pedestrian Safety and Mobility Improvement project. Throughout the process, OTMA served as the community outreach organization for Oakland commuters, residents, businesses, and institutions. The determined efforts of committed partners and funders – the University of Pittsburgh, the City of Pittsburgh, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, and OTMA – proved successful in updating 11 high-traffic pedestrian intersections in the Fifth and Forbes corridor.

The updates to these intersections are tremendous. Once outdated crosswalks now have pedestrian countdown signals, curb extensions, handicapped ramps, crosswalk delineations, enhanced lighting and new pedestrian islands. These enhancements have made pedestrians and bikers more visible to motorists – creating a much safer, convenient, and visually appealing neighborhood.


SR885: Boulevard of the Allies Bridge Project

Starting in 2004, OTMA has been directly involved as an integral part of the Boulevard of the Allies Bridge Project design team, a representative of the Oakland Task Force, and PennDOT’s community outreach partner. Completed at the start of 2009, the project involved a new ramp connecting Fifth avenue to the boulevard and replacement of existing boulevard bridges and roadways complete with paving and landscaping. The redesign of this outdated interchange has created a much more efficient, attractive, and safer gateway to Oakland’s medical, educational, and cultural hubs