In an effort to help create a safer, more mobile Oakland, OTMA is involved in many beneficial programs throughout the region.  These activities achieve a variety of positive results including but not limited to promoting public health and safety, strengthening community relations, and increasing commuters’ awareness of alternative modes of travel.

Below are just a few of the programs which OTMA is currently involved:

Walk Pittsburgh provides resources and support to encourage walking as a viable commuting option, improve pedestrian safety, communicate the health and economic benefits of walking, and ensure that walkability is factored into transportation and development plans.

Do you want to improve air quality and reduce congestion in Allegheny County? Are you looking for a fun and innovative way to get healthier while walking? Join us in this new initiative to help make Pittsburgh one of "America's Most Walkable Cities"! Learn more at


Oakland Smart Commute

Oakland Smart Commute is a new initiative brought to you by the Oakland Transportation Management Association in partnership with the Oakland Business Improvement District and Commute Info. The program encourages small business owners in Oakland to promote the use of alternative commuting to their employees for commuting to work. By joining Oakland Smart Commute, small business owners can show their employees that they support smart money-saving commuting options that benefit both the employee, the business and reduce traffic congestion. Learn more at


Oakland For All: Beyond Accessible

Oakland for All - Beyond Accessible is a unique campaign that brings together a diverse group of community organizations such as: OBID, OTMA, Oakland Task Force, University of Pittsburgh, UPMC, City of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Office of PA Senator Jay Costa, Office of U.S. Congressman Mike Doyle and Oakland based residents and community advocates… all committed to making the Oakland business community a more accessibility-friendly neighborhood. The program is designed to eliminate the physical and societal barriers that prevent people with disabilities from fully participating in all aspects of public life in the Oakland Community. Learn more at: