Listed below are several projects that are currently being studied or planned by regional and statewide planning commissions, local organizations and the Oakland community:

Bates Street Widening Project

As of January 2022, this project is in early design phases as teams from Southwestern Pennaylvania Commission and PennDOT undergo planning efforts in coordination with the completion of other projects in the area like the Hazelwood Green project along Second Avenue which is slated for completion in November 2022.

The Bates Street project has a $2 million budget for preliminary design and engineering after studying the Bates St. and I-376 Parkway East interchange to address the widening of Bates in conjunction with the improvements to the Parkway East interchange as well as other multimodal access points along Bates including the Frazier Street Steps connecting pedestrians to South Oakland, Eliza Furnace Trail access, Hodge Street access for local residents, and more, as changes to the parkway exit ramp and developments at the top of Bates Street are predicted to carry an increased vehicle volume in the future.

As the planning phase continues, no construction schedule has been set, though is expected to begin in mid- to late-2023. Other project considerations include the magnitude of a retaining wall on the east side of Bates, impacts on community parklets, environmental impacts, stormwater management, and more. To advance and be eligible for federal funding, a comprehensive environmental study will be conducted which can typically take 2-3 years to complete, and will ultimately determine the design, scope, and timeline of the project overall while also looking at noise impacts given the proximity to residential areas nearby, transit impacts along Second Avenue, and any potential infrastructure impacts given the proximity to an electric utility substation in the area. As of January 2022, no such study has been started as the project is still in its early planning phase.


Boulevard of the Allies Ramp Betterment Project

Five ramps and bridges connecting the Boulevard of the Allies to I-376 Parkway East and other major arteries in Pittsburgh is slated to move forward as early as January 2022.


UPMC Presbyterian Tower on Fifth Ave

People traveling in the area of the new O'Hara Wellness Center can expect to see new fencing installed at the top of DeSoto St. in January & March of next year, with new pedestrian pathways through Peterson Events Center and along O'Hara Street. No road closures are anticipated anticipated for the O'Hara Recreation & Wellness Center project through June 2022.

The proposed new Bed Tower building being constructed at UPMC Presbyterian hospital along Fifth Avenue & DeSoto Street will create new traffic restrictions in the area, however. Slated to begin in July 2022 and continue through May 2026, a single-lane closure will be in place on DeSoto Street resulting in one-way traffic from Fifth Avenue only, and a single-lane closure on the north side (hospital side) of Fifth Avenue throughout the project.

During preliminary meetings, the project team has demonstrated that three lanes of traffic will be maintained on Fifth Avenue through the work zone and the contraflow bus lane will not be impacted. Pedestrians can expect to be restricted on the north side of Fifth Avenue and directed to cross at Lothrop or DeSoto to continue along Fifth Avenue.

For transit riders, the heavily utilized Atwood Station will remain open (with minor staging impacts given its proximity to new construction fencing to be installed at the Fifth & DeSoto site, requiring pedestrians to cross Fifth Avenue at McKee Pl/Darragh St to access bus service from Atwood Station.


Charles Anderson Bridge Rehabilitation Project

Currently in design phase as of January 2022, the multi-year Charles Andersen Bridge project is a rehabilitation project as opposed to a complete implosion and reconstruction due to the historical district, train tracks, and Junction Hollow Trail below. Though the schedule is still being developed, it is expected to be at least a 3-year project occuring simultaneously with other large-scale projects nearby like the Bates Street Widening Project.


Armstrong Tunnel Rehabilitation Project

Currently in planning phase, the Allegheny County project is expected to begin in late 2022/early 2023 with the full closure of outbound travel lanes for a period of one year (restricting tunnel access completely between Forbes and Second Ave) followed by full closure of inbound travel lanes for the following year. Project scope includes lighting, air circulation, safety, stormwater mitigation, and more.

This project is expected to occur simultaneously to the Boulevard of the Allies Ramp Betterment Project and may occur at the same time as the Bates Street Widening Project depending on studies conducted there, so significant traffic impacts should be expected for commuters utilizing Grant Street ramp to the Boulevard of the Allies, Second Avenue near the 10th Street Bridge, or Forbes Avenue near Duquesne University campus.