Long-term traffic impacts on Fifth Avenue & Halket Street in Oakland begin July 13 through June 2022

Long-term traffic impacts on Fifth Avenue & Halket Street in Oakland begin Monday, July 13, 2020, for Innovation Research Towershifting the contraflow bus lane and restricting inbound traffic on Fifth Ave. from three to two lanes between Chesterfield Rd. & Robinson St., one-way traffic on Halket St., a relocated Port Authority transit stop, and restricted sidewalk access around the project site.

These long-term traffic impacts on Fifth Avenue between roughly Chesterfield/Robinson to the north side of Fifth (or roughly Halket/Craft to the south side) will be in place beginning Monday, July 13 and lasting for two years through June 2022.

Signage for road closures and road delineations/barriers will be installed July 13, 2020. Line striping will occur by Tuesday, July 14, 2020, and will mark the start of the lane closure on Fifth Avenue to make room for the contraflow bus lane shift. Jersey barriers to protect the work site from new traffic flow patterns will be installed by Thursday, July 16, 2020.

Halket Street will also become one-way between Fifth Avenue & Euler Way, thereby, vehicles will not be able to make a left turn from Fifth Avenue onto Halket Street. Turning traffic will be detoured to Craft Avenue. This Halket Street lane closure will be in place by Friday, July 17 (or earlier) through June 2022. Vehicles heading eastbound on Euler Way, however, will still be able to turn left onto Halket St. to reach Forbes Ave. and the Central Business District.

The relocated transit stop near corner of Fifth & Halket will remain in effect throughout construction – scheduled for completion in June 2022.

Additionally, vehicle and pedestrian traffic is being restricted around the project site to protect the public from steel erection, enclosure construction, and unloading of materials for the project. An adequate barrier distance is needed to keep pedestrians and vehicles safe due to the building structure being located up to existing sidewalks. Images of demotion progress, sidewalk closures, and construction barriers can viewed here. Construction fencing, detour signage, and flaggers will be on-site, but motorists and pedestrians are advised to use caution when navigating around the work zone.

The approved traffic control and MPT plan (maintenance and protection of traffic) which outlines lane shifts, sidewalk closures, signage and flagger positions, changes to traffic patterns, construction vehicle access points, construction fencing locations, relocation of bus lane and transit stops, pavement markings, and project site details is pictured above or click here for larger version.

The original engineering drawings denoting the long-term traffic control plan from TransAssociates & PJ Dick are available for download here, as well.

Note: OTMA is a communication and outreach partner only. Specific inquiries should be directed to Nathan Mallory, Project Manager, PJ Dick at nathan.mallory@pjdick.com or (412) 228-9263.
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Source: PJ Dick