New Multi-space Parking Meter Participation Survey

The Pittsburgh Parking Authority is interested in your feedback on the new multi-space pay by license plate meters.  Take the Parking Meter System Satisfaction Survey now >

The new system has been installed in the following communities:

  • The North Shore
  • Oakland
  • Southside Works
  • Southside Carson Street and the off street lots
  • Downtown is but a few weeks away so we would like to have the surveys available now.

For more information please contact Anthony Boule at 412-560-2514 or via email at

Judith Pirhalla's picture
Judith Pirhalla (not verified) Mon, 2012-12-17 11:21

To whom it may concern:

I use the new pay stations by CMU at least two or three times a week.  It works fine using my debit/credit card. However, they have malfunctioned many times using quarters.  I have had two occassions where the quarters didn't work at all.  Once or twice, when I added the quarters for multiple hours, the quarters skip an hour or so. The price is outrageous enough without the machines malfunctioning.

Frank A. Reynolds's picture
Frank A. Reynolds (not verified) Fri, 2012-12-07 10:23


The new system was placed on Frew Street across from Carnegie Mellon University.  (1) There is no longer a designated/reserved area for the disabled.  (2) There should be lines or way to encourage drivers to keep the cars close so that there is no wasted space.

Anonymous's picture
Anonymous (not verified) Mon, 2012-11-26 16:13

I really like the new meters and find them easy to use. However, I have two issues: one, the parking in Oakland by the library needs to be reduced from 10 hours back to 1 hour (to help make those spots be viable to library users and not Oakland workers) and work on the contrast of the screens. The contrast isn't very high if its sunny outside.

t-bone's picture
t-bone (not verified) Thu, 2012-11-15 12:36


-- The parking spaces associated with the new meter kiosks are not marked clearly enough. Signage -- regarding whether or not a space is a pay space, what the hours are, where to pay, etc. -- is lacking. There simply isn't enough of it.

-- The kiosks do not take cash. This is a major problem.

-- The kiosks do not state that one hour of time may be purchased. In this regard they're misleading, if not dowright deceptive.

Anonymous's picture
Anonymous (not verified) Tue, 2012-11-06 17:21

The new meters are great. The only thing that would make them better is if they would accept paper money.