City of Pittsburgh offers more online permitting options in latest phase of OneStopPGH

The City of Pittsburgh has launched the latest phase of OneStopPGH, the online service where residents and businesses can apply, pay for, and receive business licenses and permits, upload development plans, and track violation notices.  

“Pittsburghers have long wanted a more transparent and simple permitting process, and after lots of very hard work we’ve finally delivered one. Neighborhood development will now be much easier in Pittsburgh, and the move to more online permitting practices couldn’t come at a better time,” Mayor William Peduto said. 

The development of OneStopPGH was led by the Department of Innovation and Performance with support from other departments including the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI); Permits, Licenses and Inspections (PLI); Public Safety; and City Planning. 

New services offered include: 

  • Improved DOMI moving, dumpster, sidewalk repair and other permits, allowing residents to print no-parking signs from home or office  
  • Inspection reports and checklists for inspections on DOMI Right of Way (ROW) permits. 
  • New "no parking" signs that list permit number, permit type and permit holder which makes it easier for inspectors to clearly identify any unpermitted use or occupancy in the public ROW. 
  • DOMI online permitting of ROW improvement plans, ROW encroachments and street vacations  
  • Improved DOMI moving, dumpster, sidewalk repair and other permits, allowing residents to print no-parking signs from home or office 
  • Fire Bureau permits (annual permits such as Hazmat, Special Occupancy and Hotwork Programs; and such event based permits as new Hazmat tank installations, firework shows, and Special Events)  
  • Improved code enforcement system allows 311, PLI and DOMI to more efficiently notify complainants of enforcement actions and provide more transparent case updates, including court disposition. 

The latest OneStopPGH upgrade improves the customer experience in several ways, including: 

  • Chat feature added to Customer Portal allowing PLI staff to support customers remotely while completing applications on the customer portal 
  • Call Center integration allows PLI staff to triage calls from a call center pertaining to licensing and code enforcement while working from home. The application technicians can forward the call to others in the department including plan examiners. All staff without a city issued cell phone can now make outgoing calls from home. 
  • Integration of DCP, PLI & DOMI permitting functions allows for inter-agency documentation/information sharing, better coordination and a more streamlined and predictable development process for the public. 
  • Through better data reporting, PLI and DOMI can better track code enforcement violations and trends 

The launch of DOMI permits in OneStopPGH was timed with the overhaul of the department’s website including new process guides for construction permits. Future updates will be made as DOMI continues to improve and clarify its process, and can be tracked here.

DOMI's first ever Rules & Regulations and ROW Fee Schedule are now also now online.