With micromobility taking off, why are so many systems shutting down?

From one standpoint, U.S. micromobility is having a major moment. NACTO's recently published annual micromobility report shows that docked bikeshare just had its biggest year in history.

The wider universe of human-scaled mobility won a general vote of confidence in September 2023, when the U.S. Consumer Protect Safety Commission confirmed that deaths involving e-bikes and e-scooters are exceedingly rare: just 111 between 2017 and 2022 (only 10% of which involved a pedestrian). Moreover, shared bikes and scooters consistently report lower rates of injuries than individually owned ones.

The tidal wave of good news, however, is met also with an equally-massive tidal wave of uncertainty. While docked bikeshare ridership soars, the single largest operator of those systems – Lyft – is reportedly looking to unload its entire fleet anyway despite big, simultaneous investments into e-bikes in major metropolitan areas nationwide.

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