States move to replace the Gas Tax nationwide

Along with Pennsylvania’s continuing research into alternative transportation funding, the Washington State Transportation Commission (WSTC) voted unanimously at its virtual meeting on December 13, 2022, to recommend replacing the state’s gas tax with a road usage charge (RUC).

According to KIRO News, the WSTC recommended to state legislators that all vehicle owners would pay at least 2.5 cents for every mile they drive, beginning in 2027. The WSTC also recommended that drivers averaging 25 miles per gallon or higher may be able to volunteer to pay by the mile.

The recommendation included waiving the $225 registration fee for all-electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles for drivers paying for road usage by the mile. The WSTC has been conducting statewide testing and research on RUC for the last ten years. Some changes could go into effect as early as 2023, pending legislative approval.


In addition to the alternative funding activity in Washington, here are some other road usage/EV happenings around the country:

Hawaii’s EV Proposal: Hawaii DOT Advocates Road Usage Tax for EVs

  • Hawaii transportation officials are advocating a road usage tax starting with 0.8 cent per mile for electric vehicles (EVs) to address deficits in gas tax due to the increased use of EV and hybrid vehicles in the state. To learn more about the state’s efforts, check out the final report from the Hawaii Road Usage Charge Demonstration, the largest study of a road usage charge in the U.S


EV Market Takes Off: Believe the Hype-The Electric Vehicle Tipping Point is Now - Southern Alliance for Clean Energy

  • Recently, the national EV marketplace hit several key milestones. During quarter three of 2022, EV sales rose 37% compared to the same period in 2021. Moreover, 14% of vehicle buyers say they definitely will buy an EV for their next car, with 22% saying they would seriously consider such a purchase.


Have you tried the MBUF Calculator yet?

PennDOT has added a new, interactive tool to the funding section of their website. Check out the MBUF Comparison Calculator to see what you might pay under an MBUF compared to what you pay now with the gas tax. Enter vehicle's efficiency and monthly miles driven to see what your estimated monthly costs might be if the state gas tax is phased out.

You can submit feedback on the calculator and other comments/questions through the form on their Contact Us page, or by emailing


Source: PennDOT


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