Comprehensive Transportation Emission Reduction Planning, Planetizen, Todd Litman, 11/17/22

Which emission reduction strategies are most effective and beneficial overall? According to the author, that of course depends on how they're the scope of impacts considered and methods used to predict those impacts are analyzed. Read the full report released on December 18, 2022, Comprehensive Transportation Emission Reduction Planning: Guidelines for Evaluating Transportation Emission Reduction Strategies to explore these issues further. It identifies ten factors to consider when evaluating and prioritizing potential transportation emission reduction strategies – and the effect if ignored – including:

  • Embodied emissions
  • Rebound effects
  • Implementation costs and subsidies
  • Realistic fleet penetration predictions
  • Leverage and synergistic effects
  • Comprehensive vehicle travel reduction strategies
  • Indirect costs and co-benefits
  • Cost efficiency
  • Latent demand for multimodal lifestyles, and
  • State-of-art models